The AKWA* Water Alarm system is proven, tested and certified, meeting the industry’s highest safety standards:


AKWA major components:


A high performing sensor with a discreet design:

  • The Wireless leak sensor is designed to detect water puddles with unequaled precision
  • First sensor on the market with a “Smart Alarm” algorithm function.This feature helps determine if an alert is real or not. (example: a moist mop touches the sensor).  In the case of a “false” alarm, the valve will remain open
  • The sensor and controller communicate bidirectionally using a radio frequency of 433MHZ
  • The wireless signal has a 600-foot range
  • Optional version includes all of the above features plus motion and temperature sensing

This sensor is a thin printed circuit board approximately 20” by 1”.  The ruler is made from slightly flexible materials and is corrosion and abrasion resistant:

  • Ideal for sliding under appliances such as a dishwasher, washing machine or fridge
  • Similar to the Wireless leak sensor, as soon as water comes in contact with the ruler, a signal is sent to close the Master valve
  • The sensor and controller communicate bidirectionally using a radio frequency of 433MHZ
  • The wireless signal has a 600-foot range

Primarily used to identify water leaks from pipes, or outdoor wastage caused by leaking hoses. (Example, underground watering systems or hoses left on inadvertently)

  • Our Flow sensor calculates the rate of flow, and determines your water usage in real time
  • In the event of a leak or unusual event (such as water running continuously for an unusually large amount of time), an alert is sent to you. It can also automatically close the valve if you so choose
  • Made of high-quality stainless-steel material, sturdy, durable and easy to install

What better way to prevent water damage then to close the water supply before a leak occurs?

  • A motion detector used to prevent damage when the property is vacant
  • Master valve automatically closes after a preset time when no activity detected from the sensor
  • The wireless sensor can be mounted in a corner, ceiling or as a stand-alone device
  • The sensor and controller communicate bidirectionally using a radio frequency of 433MHZ
  • The wireless signal has a 600-foot range
  • AKWA* is the first vendor to offer such a simple, yet preventative, solution

Our ball valve is the most efficient on the market and can be installed indoors or outdoors:

  • Connects directly to the Water Alarm controller for instant valve response
  • Automatic self-test by exercising the value weekly to avoid calcium deposits and ensuring its proper functioning
  • A quick connect mechanism for easy installation
  • An integrated thermometric sensor helps avoid freezing pipes by sending a notification as soon as the temperature falls below a preset temperature level

The Water Alarm controller is smart, proactive and preventative, and will

  • Validate the status of the Master valve
  • Validate if wireless leak sensors are active (and present with optional version)
  • Validate battery levels
  • Validate the status of the alarm (real or false)
  • Manage up to 99 zones per unit
  • Communicate with bidirectional communication using RF 433 MHZ
  • Individual homeowner’s WiFi not required with LoRa version Controller
  • Detect “invisible” leaks thanks to its Flow sensor feature
  • Connect with an alarm system panel
  • Send a notification by text message or email
  • Available in WiFi or LoRa versions


We warrant your AKWA Water Alarm system for one (1) year on parts and labour, and three (3) full years for defective parts. Should anything go wrong, we will be there to fix the problem. We stand behind our product!
AKWA Concierge
  • Automated, centralized management for homeowners, property managers, building owners or stratas
  • A web application which allows you to see and manage all leak detection sensors in your property
  • Reports can be generated for the whole property for the different types of signals received
  • With LoRa technology, we offer an independent, reliable wireless signal with a six kilometer range
  • LoRa Technology is ideal for ensuring continuity of the system without relying on individual co-owners or tenants WiFi network

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