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User Experiences

“I came home from a brief holiday in 2019 to a flood in my home which necessitated that I move out of my home for almost six months! I was astounded at the amount of water damage my home sustained. When I learned about the H2O Leak Detect system, I did not hesitate to have the product installed in my home. I now have the reassurance of knowing that if the system detects a leak, the water supply will be automatically shut off. I truly believe in the value this product offers which gives me peace of mind knowing that the risk of a leak going forward is mitigated. I wholeheartedly recommend this product as an excellent tool to protect and preserve the value of my home.”
Carmen M
Steveston, BC

“Great preventive measure for serious flood damage. I had 10 sensors installed and the system discovered a small leak from the dishwasher on the first night, the water supply was shut down and pinpointed the leak. The discovery of this small connection leak could have escalated to a serious problem anytime in the future.  Also, the capability to shut off the water system remotely while away out of town is a huge benefit. Gives you a real sense of security while away. I highly recommend the AKWA, H2O Leak Detect system to anyone considering this peace of mind prevention.”
Rob R
Coquitlam, BC

“I had the H2O leak detection system installed in my townhouse after I had a leak from my kitchen sink. The leak was a big headache and caused me a lot of stress. I feel so much better now that I have a system to protect me from this ever happening again. I would recommend this product to everyone.”
Craig M
Richmond, BC

“I am the co-owner of a condo in a building with 134 units. I have been on the board of directors for three years and we regularly had water damage effecting condos, causing expense and inconvenience to the co-owners concerned. The laws concerning condo buildings having changed, it became complicated and expensive for everyone. Also, insurance companies are more and more picky and we have to renegotiate at each renewal to be able to find a company interested in insuring our building. We had to find a solution to find peace of mind in our building. We asked water leak detector companies to come and give us a presentation of their products. Following those presentations, we opted for AKWA Technologies Solutions. Our 134 condo units have all had the mandatory installation of sensors. Since that time, we have managed to limit significant damage related to kitchen sink overflows, washing machines that had a faulty pumps, including the water pipe of a fridge that had cracked. The sensor detects the presence of water on the ground automatically closes the valve that supplies the condo. Before the water supply is reactivated, the problem must be managed and the sensor dried up, otherwise it is impossible to replenish the condo’s water inlet. The advantage of having the sensors installed gives us peace of mind without worrying about a water leak, because the system is in operation 24/7.”
Gaëtan L
Laval, Quebec

“Great product, fabulous install team, and know the peace of mind knowing my house and assets are protected 24/7. We received a 10% discount on our house insurance, 5 stars.”
Wendy Y
Richmond, BC

“I am a very happy user of H2O Leak Detection System. We had a flood twice in our home and by installing this system we have peace of mind now. Installation was quick and and they were very knowledgeable. The app is user friendly. I also received a discount from my insurance for installing a water monitoring and detection system. I would definitely recommend H2O Leak Detection.”
Jackie J
Richmond, BC

“The AKWA system from H2O Leak Detect protects the 32 condos in the building. Thanks to the AKWA Technologies system, it was possible to provide tailor-made optimum protection for each unit, by installing different components such as Wireless leak sensors, Detection rulers or even Perimeter cables. All potential water damage has been avoided for more than a year. We were thus able to maintain our insurance coverage without a premium increase for the first time in several years.”
Germain C
Quebec, Canada

“I believe much like the fire alarm and smoke detectors that are mandatory today, so will the water leak detection systems be. Other systems notify you if there’s a leak but no guidance on what to do about it. AKWA/H2O has the ability to turn off the water source stopping the leak and so much more. Best investment for my family and home.”
Jim Z
Vancouver, B

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