Whether multi-residential, vacation properties or commercial, AKWA* can help
  • Get insurance coverage for buildings that are difficult to insure due to past water leak history
  • Protect irreplaceable, personal items such as photographs or furniture that insurance companies can’t replace
  • Minimize the consequences of water leaks, including having to relocate during renovations
  • Avoid potential legal claims that may arise between condo owners
  • Possible recessions on deductibles or premiums from certain insurance providers
  • In a commercial applications, minimize the impact to clients, partners and operations from a water leak occurrence
  • Avoid employee productivity loss
Local, factory-direct representationPeace of mind knowing you are working with the manufacturer – we are experts as it’s the only product we endorse
LoRa TechnologyDoes not require individual homeowner’s WiFi ensuring continuity of the overall system
AKWA ConciergeData from your whole property managed in one centralized, easy to read dashboard
Wireless leak sensorsVarious discreet, and sensitive sensors designed for different applications
Wireless leak sensor with motion detection (optional)Detects if the sensors have been removed from their location; accidentally or intentionally
"Smart Alarm"Built into our sensors to avoid false alarms
Flow sensorMonitors water usage and detects invisible leaks
Vacancy SensorCloses the Master valve when no one is home to eliminate the possibility of water leak damage
Custom connectivityPossible to connect with fire or security alarm systems
Automatic weekly checksMaster valve will be exercised to eliminate calcium and other deposits
Rechargeable batteriesManages risks during power outages
Warranty benefitOne (1) year parts and labour, and three (3) years for defective parts
Made in Canada!How good is that!

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